Massey Ferguson 240

massey ferguson 240

The Massey Ferguson 240 features a solid build design and a manual speed transmission. The MF 240 is an incredibly reliable tractor for the value for money that is why many customers of it. It is made up of 3-cylinder direct injection diesel, which produces 46 HP of high power and has the optional two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models. It is a 2WD tractor with a manual steering. Its oversized rear wheels to help farmers in the best cultivation of the land end up in fine crops. Some additional features that add more beauty are the front lighting lights and a sun-proof canopy.

The Massey Ferguson 240 tractor is very popular with farmers and can still be seen in working condition in various countries around the world. It was produced and first introduced in England in 1983.

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The Massey Ferguson 240 transmission is exceptional, its 4×4 drive provides great power and potential with 8 forward gears and 3 reverse gears.

Its double clutch provides a smoother transmission. Its maximum forward speed is 28.6 kmpl and its maximum reverse speed is 14.5 kmpl.

Its 6.00-16 (6PR) front tire and 12.4 / 11-28 (6PR) rear provide good surface contact and friction. The large size of the tire is best for agricultural and field operations. The tire design is effective on a slippery road.

Massey Ferguson 240 comes with a high lifting capacity of 1,415 kg its pressure is around 19.2 Mpa. Its maximum oil flow is 16 liters / min. Its weight is up to 4985 pounds.

The Massey Ferguson 240 hydraulic system functions are Effort Control, Position Control, Response Control, Constant Pumping. The horizontal lower link type is Cat. I and II with interchangeable balls.

Power Take-Off type is live. The number of revolutions of the PTO at engine speed is 1789 rpm. There are 6 splines on the PTO system.

The Massey Ferguson 240 contains a large fuel tank with a 47.5 liter capacity for long lasting operation and ride.

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Prominent Features of MF 240:

  • The most economical of the 50 hp range
  • Robust, maneuverable and compact
  • Easy access to service points
  • Ideal, versatile and versatile tractor
  • Deluxe spring suspension seat
  • Availability of spare parts and services at your doorstep

Massey Ferguson 240 tractor is easy to use with the right attachments for everyone:

  • Cabin
  • Air conditioner
  • Front hydraulics
  • Front PTO
  • Air brakes
  • ISO Bus

Optional equipment for the Massey Ferguson 240:

Range of tillage implements, PTO pulley, nine hole drawbar, stakes, fiberglass frame canopy, ground power take-off, wheel end weights, rear view mirror, hydraulic spool valves, oscillating drawbar.

It comes with standard tools like a tow hook, top link, and hydraulic pressure valve with free return line. The tractors are manufactured new but the parts are interchangeable with the old models, this gives a good availability of parts all over the world.

Massey Ferguson

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  1. Massey Ferguson 240
  2. Massey Ferguson 240S

Massey Ferguson 240 Reviews

The tractor is ideal for working on tough and respectable terrain if transported on the same track / road, I have experienced one of those on soft terrain, the problem is that the tracks create a lot of dirt if transported on soft terrain for a long period ; I am looking to buy one mf240 (good oil flow in the mf240 for the external hydraulics).

I garden and have always rented skid steer loaders. A friend gave me a cheap Massey charger so I bought it. So far it has been a great tractor. It ignites directly, even in cold weather, without any help, such as glow plugs. The tractor said 1950 hours, but I soon realized that the meter does not work. The loader is strong lifts the rear tires full w / liquid up if it cannot lift. It has a Massey 232 loader that is slow compared to a skid steer loader, but it gets the job done. I’m not a fan of gear changes – it wears you out. And not having 4WD blows! Every time I lift something super heavy, it is difficult to move. I have a 6 foot. bush hog brand new heavy duty j bar. I love. It cuts very well and is very well built. Everybody said the 6 was too much for the 240. I wish I had a 7-footer now. It becomes the 6 ft. Running in the 4th low range, cutting 1.80m grass with no problems. Overall, I am very impressed with the Massey, which is very well built and very easy to drive.

I bought this used tractor as a third owner. I think it’s a 1989 model. The previous owner said the engine had been overhauled. I love the performance of the tractors with your Perkins AD 3. 152. The engine starts with just a flick of the key and has very good power / torque. Growing up with a Ford 8N I never knew what I was missing. I like the 8N, but gasoline is not up to diesel when it comes to tractors. The MF 240 has a good range of gears and a sufficiently powerful hydraulic system. In addition, it consumes little fuel. In hindsight, I know the MF 240 was a good choice.

I have a Massey Ferguson 240. It has 2 wheel drive with a front bush loader. It’s a great tractor, but of course it needs 4-wheel drive. Also with the front loader and brackets it sits too low. I’ve been stuck mowing along a stream many times. I wish I could find a 4 foot sideboy. I can’t seem to find one in this state.

Although I have not used it for many hours, I really like this unit. It’s the CG24 with a front loader. I have moved a small amount of dirt with it and was satisfied with the performance. Most of the use has been to plow the snow. I bought a five foot Rhino snow blade and with the front hub I am very satisfied with the performance. I had an old ford 9N and this tractor far outperforms it.

The MF240 has the excellent Perkins 3152 starter engine. Preheating is only used in very cold conditions. Power steering makes the 240 very maneuverable. My tractor has the 8 speed gearbox which gives many options for all types of terrain and with the 12.4 / 28 rear tires it gives a more than enough top speed on the road. My only issues to date have been a slight oil leak from the rear crankcase gasket or it could be from the rear crankshaft gasket and the power steering control valve oozes varying amounts even after changing the o-rings. Otherwise it’s a great tractor that can handle most jobs.

Great tractor. Perfect size, I just wish it had 4 wheel drive and hydrostatic traction. Then it would be perfect.

I traded in my MF231 without loader for this tractor. I bought my new 231 in 1990. I had 600 hours when the clutch center broke. The dealer put a clutch on it, but it was never right again. So I decided I wanted a tractor with a front loader. I started looking for and advertising a tractor. A colleague called and wanted to trade me for my tractor and $ 1500. I accepted it immediately. I love the loader, I don’t know how I could live without it.

I bought this tractor 20 years ago with 1000 hours on it. I use it mainly for cutting the fields (about 40 acres), as well as grading 1 mile of gravel road, clearing snow, disc, riding rings, etc. It is ideal for my uses. I also have a 1980 int’l 884. I used it once to plant 40 acres of grass.You are now relegated to moving manure.too big and uses too much fuel for what I need.

You can’t ask for a tougher or more reliable tractor.The 3-cylinder Perkins has never failed to start since it was brand new.Loud as hell, miserable paint quality, and Lucas electronics aside.when there’s work to do, this thing is almost unstoppable.

This tractor is a journey.It is a mf240 in a 480ck case frame.I removed the bucket because it was too heavy and the cylinders were smashed.The lights were of no use because the wiring was bad.The gannon is fine, I think it goes up and down.I have fuel and power steering problems as well.I’m new to owning a tractor.I have always rented one.I’ve been working on it since I bought it.It is truly a challenge that I am glad I accepted.

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