How to wire a Starter and Solenoid for a Massey Ferguson 240 Tractor?

mf 240 how to wire a starter and solenoid Problems

How to wire a starter and solenoid for a Massey Ferguson 240 tractor? I have replaced the starter and have not marked how to reinstall the wires for the solenoid?

The tractor is deisel. The negative battery cable goes to a large bolt on the starter body. There are three other wires, all with black insulation and no color designation.

The negative cable from the battery to the starter frame is correct, the positive cable goes to the large terminal on the starter. The last 2 wires come from the safety switch and go to a small terminal, on lucas it’s usually a flat push on a 1/4 wire, and it sits next to the large pole where the positive wire goes. The last wire you have could be a flat terminal round and is the power wire for the key switch, which runs from the positive wire post to the key switch on most Massys, without any color designation.

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