I have a 1995 MF 240 diesel. Starter will not turn engine over.

mf 240 starter will not turn engine over Problems

One of the safety switches (PTO) is not working, I have bypassed it. The second safety switch (gear change) works. The solinoid clicks and then no more sound. 14 volts at cranking from battery, 14 volts at solinoid lead (before click). The starter has been bench tested and is said to be fine. The repairman has started it on the bench, but it does not work mounted on the tractor.

What voltage does the battery have when the starter motor is connected? Does it go down to about 9 volts? If not, is the voltage not reaching the starter from the solenoid?

If the voltage is dropping, the starter motor is connected, and it means the motor is hard to turn. The battery or cables are the problem. There is no voltage reaching the starter motor when it is connected.

The battery may have an internal short circuit that keeps the voltage low.

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