I have a massey ferguson 240, the lift will not go up

mf 240 lift will not go up Problems

I have a Massey Ferguson 240, the lift won’t go up, I’ve tried every lever position you can think of, I was grabbing bushes and suddenly the bush wouldn’t go up.

hydraulic oil is full and clean, took him to a local, reputable tractor repair place, got on the tractor, flipped a lever or two, another guy stood on the arms, would almost throw him on the climb, he said which had a restricted filter, it also has a front hub that works well.

It seemed like a pretty simple repair, but now that I’ve brought it home I’m not totally sure how much trouble changing the filter is and this is a good place to start.

The filter is located in the transmission case / rear end and is accessed through an insolation plate on the side of the unit. Most of these units have a strainer and can be cleaned.

If they use the same pump, the filter is not going to help. You will have a problem with the three-point valve, and the three-pint valve will need to be serviced. Most three point problems are caused by rust from moisture that builds up in the housing and affects the valves and springs.

You will want to drain the transmission / rear casing before removing the cover.

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