In the Massey Ferguson 240s, the steering has become very stiff

massey ferguson 240s steering very stiff Problems

I have a Massey Ferguson 240s. In the last 4 months I have replaced the right and left steering cylinders with others on the market. After installing the (last) right steering cylinder, the steering was very stiff. I originally added power steering fluid to the pump without relieving the stiffness. I read in the manual that the pump takes Dexron II automatic transmission fluid. I loosened both lines to both steering cylinders and blew out the power steering fluid with a shop vacuum. I tightened the lines on both power steering cylinders and refilled the pump with ATF Dexron II fluid. I started the tractor, turned the wheels all the way to the right and left several times, and refilled the pump. I’ve been running the tractor for about 1/2 hour and the steering is still very stiff. I am also experiencing dripping from accessories attached to the power steering cylinders. I need advice to solve this problem.

Okay, raise the front of the ground, turn off the tractor, and turn the wheels both ways. If it doesn’t spin freely then you have a mechanical problem. Just be sure to clean the fittings and seal the pipe threads with Teflon sealant or tape. After installation, fill the fluid and lift the front and work back and forth to bleed any remaining air and you’re done.

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