Massey Ferguson 240: the inner or smaller shaft is froze inside of the larger shaft

mf 240 shaft is froze Problems

I have a Massey Ferguson 240, on the shooting levers and effort for the three-point coupling the inner or smaller shaft is frozen inside the greatest axis. What is the easiest way to fix this? I tried to screw twice the small axle while moving the greater axis and I have not been lucky.

If it is about freeing them without removing the lid of the elevator, it can be more difficult. I think there is an opening along the bottom of the housing that goes on the side and the lever goes through it, if there are you can take a blowtorch and carefully heat the outer shaft, get the fast hot shaft That the outer shaft will expand faster than the inner shaft, then try to work loose levers. Hit the outer shaft while trying to rotate the axes separately. If it is not lucky. I have had to pull the top cover and remove the housing from the lever to reach the axes more easily. This will take much more work. I hope this gives you some ideas to try.

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