MF 240 – wanted to make sure where to put the oil in

mf 240 where to put the oil in Problems

Changing the oil in my mid 80s MF 240 and wanted to make sure where to put the oil. This is the first time I have changed the oil. I am also having clutch problems, I have replaced the hydraulic fluid and there is still not much clutch. When I press the clutch it just goes to the floor plate.

On the left front of the engine, there is the cover of the timing gear, in this cover is the oil filling opening to add the lubricating oil.

The clutch is just a mechanical clutch, there is an inspection plate on the bottom of the case. See the pdf below. When the pedal is depressed, you have to push the launch assembly against the pressure plate to release the clutch. The pedal can be moved on the spindle for more travel.

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